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Discreet Offsite Warehousing
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  AFI International Group - Visit Website
Located in Milton, Ontario, Canada.

By owning our own fleet of vehicles (e.g., buses, tractors and trailers), we are fully equipped to meet all of your transportation needs, including ones requiring personnel or product to cross picket lines or the arranging of offsite warehousing.

Prior to a potential dispute, AFI’s Risk Mitigation Specialists will conduct a pre-strike review of your transportation needs. Once complete, we will provide a detailed plan outlining manpower, equipment and deployment requirements. The transportation plan will be reviewed by our senior operations staff to ensure it meets your transportation needs and will function effectively with the security coverage recommended. When it comes to your specific transportation needs, we strive to move material and people in the safest and most cost-effective manner.

AFI International
8160 Parkhill Drive
Milton, Ontario, Canada
L9T 5V7

Telephone: 800-313-9170

Added on 3/10/2009 by Canadian Security.




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